Monday, October 24, 2011

Run #4 - On the Dreadmill

Oops, I mean TREADmill. I am so funny. And probably quite original.
This morning I woke with a start at 5:26 am. The Sleep Station on my i-pad is set to Tibetan Bell. What is weird is that it seems to ring in my mind right before it rings in real life. Then as I was trying to turn off the loud "B-oooo-nnnggggg", my cell phone alarm went off causing me to scream. Not good when I am trying to be sneaky so Daniel can sleep.
I picked up a friend and we had an interesting little conversation about treadmills. I thought there was a specific one for running. She thought I was crazy. Turns out she was right. There are these great big intimidating looking treadmills that I was thinking were the ones you were supposed to run on. Turns out they just have huge incline-ability. Yuck!

So after our little tour of the gym to compare treadmills, and peeking our heads in on the spin class we were ditching purposefully to go running instead, we went to the lady's gym and hopped on the regular treadmills.

The only thoughts I remember having this morning during my walk/jog was when I was keeping an eye on my friend. She introduced me to the run during the curve and walk the straight or walk the curve and run the straight. Basically it amounts to about 2 minutes of running and then a few minutes walking. I actually kept up with her, kind of. At least at first. Anyway, I could see her out of the corner of my eye turn up her treadmill from a 3.5 to a 4-something which meant we would be running again. Ugh! "Don't touch that dial!" I would scream in my head even as my feet picked up the pace.

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