Monday, October 17, 2011

Inner Dialogue of a Crazy Person - Running Day 2

Early last evening: I'm going to wake up at 5:30 to go to spin class, then maybe I won't have to run tomorrow. Or at least I'll get in better shape so running doesn't suck so much.

Late last night: Okay, I'm going to sleep in. I'll just do the 3-block walk/jog. It won't be as bad as yesterday.

Today around 1:30: "Honey, can I borrow your phone? I'm going to go running."

An hour later: Bob asked, "I thought you were going to borrow my phone?" I had to admit that I was distracted by Facebook. I really didn't want to go!

2-something: Fiddled with Pandora and the running app, if anyone's interested. Oops, I forgot the phone case. Oh, well, I'm already outside, I'll just carry it. (While running/walking the cord kept getting tangled and added to the frustration.)

Should I walk for a bit first? I don't want to wreck the results, but if I start running closer to the park, maybe I'll actually be able to run all the way to the park.

Crud! STILL couldn't run all the way to the park.

Yuck, it's daylight, people can see me. At least I won't run into trees this time.

This... pant, pant, SUCKS!

Okay, I will run to the stop sign. Wait, never mind, no I won't.

At one point I shared my inner dialogue with everyone within ear shot. My left ear bud fell out of my ear and I had to stop and untangle it and put it back in. "This is stupid!" Quickly looked around to see if anyone heard. I didn't see anyone. No wonder Bob likes running at night. In the dark. After normal people are sleeping.

Much of the conversation was not nice to Bob. Why, oh WHY, did I have to go and ask him to help me? He's not going to let me forget it. He's going to be mean. He's going to make me run when I don't want to. * Men are different than women. I'm going to hire a trainer who's a girl. * This might work for Bob. But I need something different.

The colors are so much prettier on that street, I'll turn here.

I don't really have to eat sweets ever again. If I just don't eat, I won't have to do this anymore.

I hate this!

During my final half block toward home there was a little breeze that caused the leaves to dance swirly-style in the road. It was beautiful and I thought, If my running will make it so that I can live just a few years longer, to see leaves dance during a few more Autumns, this will be worth it.

This feels good.

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