Sunday, January 27, 2013


I am learning how to quilt and I am totally addicted! My mom started quilting in 2003, or close to then, and it looked fun then, but I had a brand new baby, was teaching full time, and didn't know how to sew. Several years later we were without internet for a summer and I had a three year old girl in need of a home-made summer dress, or so I thought. I borrowed my mom's old sewing machine, bought a simple pattern, and re-taught myself how to sew. I bought patterns for other projects, but they were way too challenging, and we got internet again, so I put the patterns in the basement and the idea of sewing in the back of my mind. During that Sewing Summer I had spent some time in our local fabric shops. I loved all the colors, textures, and patterns and I knew that I would enjoy quilting... someday. 
One of the major things that was keeping me from quilting was the cost. My mom is an avid quilter. She and my father (up til a couple years ago) work full time, they have no kids living at home, they have money that she can spend on quilting. So she spends money on quilting. Boy, does she spend money on quilting! I, on the other hand, have no job, four kids living at home, a VERY frugally-minded husband, and have no intention of spending lots of money on quilting. I just figured quilting = spending lots of money
Earlier this month I went to a friend's house to help her pin a quilt. I had never pinned a quilt before and I was not entirely sure what to expect. She had a couple long tables pulled together in the middle of her living room and draped over those was a quilt sandwich; the backing, the batting, and the quilt top. I got to help her safety-pin the three layers of the sandwich together. It wasn't too hard once I got the hang of it. We spent a few hours pinning and chatting, and chatting, and chatting, and eating, and pinning. It was so much fun! 
I honestly have no idea how much money my friend spends on quilting. I do know that she does not have a room dedicated to the craft. She has four young children. She has no job. I realized that day that quilting is something I could totally do at this stage in my life. I don't have to spend oodles of time and money to enjoy quilting.
Driving home from her house, I decided I would learn to quilt. The more I thought about it, the more excited I became. I talked to my mom, and she, with memories of my 8th grade Home-Ec sewing fiasco still fresh in her mind, suggested I take a beginning quilting class from our local quilt store. I was registered, and two weeks later, I took my first quilting class. This next Tuesday I begin my 2nd quilting class. I am already registered for my 3rd quilting class in February.