Thursday, October 20, 2011

Run #3

Nothing too entertaining went on in my brain during this third "run." I use the term loosely because most of the time I walk and some of the time I crawl. Okay, I don't literally crawl, but I wish to sometimes.
Bob was sleeping when I absconded with his i-phone to track my run. I left kids in the backyard and in the house. So after the first of three blocks I stopped in to check on the kiddos. Big mistake! They would have been much better had I not checked in. Dan had a fit and had to spend the rest of my run in his bed. Rhianna got out of the yard and had to spend the rest of my run inside the house. After the Kid-Drama it was difficult to get back up the nerve and energy to continue running.
I walked half a block and immediately after I took up a little jog, my right ear bud fell out of my ear. Yes, I forgot to get a case... again! Instead of "sucks" or "stupid," I muttered another S-word. A four letter one! *GASP*
Then I had my epiphany for the day.

Thoughts such as these:
If only I had better ear buds.
If only I had one of those armbands so I wasn't constantly getting tangled up in cords.
If only I had my own i-phone that I could set up special for me...

were immediately followed by thoughts such as these:
I do not have to have ideal conditions to run and get in shape and do the things I need to do.
I am not in a perfect condition. Why do I feel I need to have perfect tools?
Start where I am and keep going...

The thoughts and ideas in my brain at that moment are not exactly presenting themselves as clearly now that I want to write them down. Figures. But I shall use my new "Start where I am and keep going" for my writing, as well.

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