Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Shoe Momma Back in Da House!

Things have been chaotic in the Dalley house. We have three extra kids this week. And yesterday we had two more for a total of nine. Nine kids in our house!
Three of our previous foster kiddos have been staying with us this week. Treasure 15, Chasity 12, and Tristian 8 lived with us for about nine months in 2008. They moved across state to be with a relative but they come to visit at least once a year. I am so thankful that we have been able to stay in contact with them.
This summer I didn't tell the boys ahead of time when the kiddos were coming. I watched out the window and when I saw them pull up I called for my boys to come out front. They curiously watched the car, and as soon as they realized who it was, they went running. It was so cute! Ashton and Brendan ran to greet the three kiddos as they stepped out of the car and Daniel ran downstairs to get Dad.
It's funny how easily the kids fall back into their relationships with each other. Little bit of bickering with a whole lotta loving. Brothers and sisters (and Mama Jenny) have been playing games (Clue has been our favorite.), shooting each other with nerf guns, swimming, eating pizza (The boys always wonder if Tristian still eats the crust first. He does.), watching movies, and being teased by Bob ("Daddy Bob." Just kidding. Sure is fun to say though. Try it! I bet you cannot say "Daddy Bob" out loud without at least cracking a smile).
I love having them here. Makes me wonder how it would have been had we been able to keep them. Having them here also reminds me of how God made my heart out of rubber. He allowed me to fully love on these kids while they were here. But when they had to leave, my heart did not break. Only God could do that.


  1. Jenny, what an amazing story! I love your heart for these kids! <3