Thursday, February 16, 2012

Facebook Confessions

Hello. My name is Jenny and I'm addicted to Facebook.

The sad thing is that statement is not a surprise to anyone reading it. However, I gave Facebook up for a week. Totally gave it up. Husband changed my password and I disabled my account. After a week and two days I asked him for my password and he called me an addict. I told him, "Seriously, can I have my password?" He replied, "I just gave it to you." He is a funny man. By the way, before anyone tries to hack into my fb account with my funny password, I changed it.

So, Why did I give up Facebook for over a week? First of all, I was spending entirely too much time updating my status and checking for comments. I will not say how much time because I was too embarrassed to actually clock it. I think I can now better monitor my time online. If I find I am spending too much time again, I might have to take another mini-break.

I also started getting my feathers in a wad and ruffling other people's panties. Or was it the other way around? ha ha I can be opinionated. That might be a bit of an understatement. I also like to argue. LOVE it! Can be quite good at it. But when you argue on Facebook, it is too impersonal and feelers can get hurt easily. I remember years ago my mom told me that you have to be really careful with phone conversations because the other party cannot see your facial expressions. Well it's worse with e-mail and fb because not only can you not read facial expressions, but you can't hear voice inflection either. With the all-important 2012 elections coming up in a few months I anticipated that I would want to slather the computer with my opinions and figured I would just delete anyone who might be offended. How stupid is that? Please don't answer. Instead, I just will try to be nicer. Opinionated, yes, but not mean.

So Facebook Friends.... Please come back? I miss you!

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