Thursday, October 11, 2012

Humming for Jesus

     "Mmmmmm  mmmmmmm mmmmmmmm....." My 5 year old daughter is dancing around the living room humming, even while I am writing this. Then she started singing, "Jesus....   Jesus.... I love you, Jesus!..... mmmmmm mmmm mmmm ... I love you, too, Jesus! Mmmmmm mmm mmmm... Jesus..."
     I was just reading a news article about a young mom who was recently killed in a hit and run in our city. She has two young children. Last night I read an article about the little girl in Denver who went missing last week. They are pretty sure they found her body. I was sitting here at the computer praying and feeling so sad. Then I hear this sweet little hum in a made up tune. Her lyrics made me smile!
     Within five minutes, of course, she was being snotty to her brothers!  But that little glimpse of Jesus was beautiful.

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