Monday, May 23, 2011

Jumping Right In

I am Jenny from You can hop on over there for previous posts. We have done foster care since 2007 and have had 12 kids, thankfully not at the same time! My mom jokingly referred to me as the "Little Old Lady who lived in a shoe." Now that we are down to a steady four, I no longer have "so many children I don't know what to do."
I played around with keeping the name Shoe Momma. Isaiah 52:7 refers to beautiful feet bringing good news. But it just did not fit. I also plan to write a book one day and figure it won't hurt to have my name out there. Actually, I have written one book and many parts of other books. I plan to have a book PUBLISHED one day. I suppose I could be less vague than "one day." Does not quite sound like a solid goal with that wording.
Not much of a first post for a new blog, but this will have to do for now.

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